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The environmental protection is an lofty and great industry, it makes contributes to contemporary times and brings benefits for future centuries and it is an charity for people! at the 18th national people is congress, the nation has raised its new concept to advance the ecological civilisation construction to a new level. kaitian, as the forerunner of the environmental protection industry, will try our best to become the world-class ecological environmental treatment center and achieve our billions dreams! it is ourbounden duty to take the responsibility of construction of the ecological civilisation, together to create a beautiful china! let is make our sky bluer, land greener and water clearer!

We need to remember our historical missions and social responsiblities: improving humanism ecological environment, protecting worker is physical and psychological health, let the workers in the world could enjoy a five-star healthy industrial environment! let the sky bluer, the water cleaner, the air fresher and the life better, realizing the final dream of the environmentalist!