To import the advanced ideas and technologies and cooperation with germany environmental enterprise, kaitian begin to enter the environmental industry, now kaitian is mainly engaged in organic waste gas, flue gas dust, poisonous gas and air purification treatment.


On june 28, changzhou kaitian environmental co.,ltd was set


Importing from europe the whole workshop treatment technique which has more than 25 years of research history and was successfully used in zhuzhou liancheng group subway aluminum alloy car body welding oroject

Sawdust removal project for haier in qingdao

Imported components assembly, by fllo,Wing the"import-absorption-integration-improve" principle, to develop the products with independent intellectual property rights.

On may 31, changzhou kaitian environmental tech co.,ltd zhuzhou branch was established


Successfully implemented the whole workshop dehumidification, temperature and ventilation control project in jianglu mechanical tank aluminium welding factory.

On the basis of importing and improving, kaitian has successfully implemented the whole workshop dedusting, temperature and ventilation control project in chongqing tiema armored vehicles aluminum alloy welding factory. this project marked that kaitian has compeletely mastered the europeen whole workshop treatment technique.

On january 9th, shanghai kaiser mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD. was set up and begin to sell environmental products in china.



On january second, changsha kaitian environmental tech co.,ltd was set up

On december, kaitian environmental tech co.,ltd joint workshop was break ground, leaders from national environmental agency and hnan gouvernment attended ribbon-cutting ceremony.

kaitian send several technical backbone to german for production technology and installation management system training


On august 20th, kaitian environmental tech was moved to changsha base and formlly put into production


In february, kaitian has passed ths iso9001:2000 international quality management system certification

For the first time, kaitian attend international (Beijing) Essen show with independent intellectual property rights in may 2006,

In July, kaitian has won the national technology innovation fund project

In december, kaitian has passed the iso14001 environmental and OHSAS18001 safety management certification


In march, kaitian independently develop the KTJZ cartridge efficient filter and passed the CE certificate

In march, kaitian has won the north car group whole workshop treatment project, the total sum is more than 40 millions rmb 

In december, kaitian has passed through the provincial department of high-tech enterprises and high-tech products "dual high" affirmation

In december, kaitian first session the first session of the national dealer congress forum was held in Ming city international hotel



In january, mr. yemingqiang was elected as the represent the 11th National People is Congress of hunan province.

In february, kaitian has bought 104 acre land for production base expansion april 14th, zhuzhou kaitian environmental tech co.,ltd was set up

In july, kaytian independently develope the vacuum blower, air door cut work platform "with soot collected cutting device" was awarded two national patents.

On July 30, kaitian environmental newspaper was founded

On August 25, vice governor of hunan province LiuLiWei visit kaytian

On August 28, kaitian zhuzhou production base one phare project break ground

September 30, the state environmental protection department minister zhu guangyao visit kaytian

On October 25, kaitian is first worker is sport meeting was successfully held

On October 30, kaitian obtained environmental protection environmental protection engineering contracting 3 qualification certificate

On December 2, hunan environmental protection agency chief engineer Zheng Su visit kaitian


On January 12, hunan provincial governor zhou qiang in the 11th National People is Congress of hunan province the second session of the "government work report" in clear instructions: support kaitian become bigger and stronger

On February 12th, kaitian "overall plant energy-saving dust purification of industrial technology" won the title of "national key environmental protection practical technology".

In march,kaitian was the letter committee on promoting new industrialization of hunan province of hunan province "double hundred" project.

In march, won the people is government of changsha city kaitian environmental protection industry-university-institute cooperation award.

In march, government of hunan province science and technology adviser Ceng Qingyan, deputy director of provincial department Luo Yajun and other leaders visit kaitian

On March 10th, Zhuzhou city people is congress leaders visit kaitian

April 27, Deputy Secretary of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee Mei Kebao has visited Kaitian

April 29, Ministry of Environmental Dep. Technology Wang Mingliang visited and guided our work

October 14, Kaitian attended German Essen exhibition


March 1, Kaitian has elected as changsha "Little Giant" enterprise

March 11, Deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee of hunan province Xiao Yayu visited Kaitian

October 27, Kaitian Heavy metal pollution engineering Co.,Ltd established

Expand (2011—  )


January 20, the company change its name to "Kaitian Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd" February 28, signed a contract with Dongguan CSG Solar Co.,Ltd, it is the first denitration project in China

April 15, Kaitian Environmental Water Affairs was established

July 5, Kaitian Environmental Technique Center was considered as "Changsha Enterprise Technique Center"

October 21, Kaitian has successfully submitted the IPO materials to the CSRC

December 30, Kaitian has signed a contract with ZhangJiakou coal industrial park, it is the first Industrial Parl of Environmental Services project


January 18, Kaitian has signed with zhuzhou power generation co., LTD. Environmental protection of 300 mw flue gas denitration project general contract, mark Kaitian officially entered the coal-fired power denitration environmental protection industry

Fabruary 27, Kaitian has successfully hold the 2012 annual supplier conference

April 17, the company has toped the "little giant" enterprise of Changsha

April 17, Kaitian has won the title of "three hundred star"

May 19, Kaitian Environmental Design Institute has established, it is a important milestone of Kaitian

September 29, Kaitian Xingsha Industrial Park has laid a foundation

November 26, Kaitian has acquired Environmental project contracting qualification

December, company has acquired the honour "innovation unir" of Changhs


January, Chairman Ye Mingqiang was elected the 12th National People's Congress of Hunan Province