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Kaitian atmospheric environmental treatment division has completed more than 200 engineering cases in the industries that has heavy pollution and heavy energy-consumption such as power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, glass and building material industries, covers the projects of ultra low emission, denitrification, desulfurization and dedust. The division is the business partner and solution provider with central SOEs and local SOEs such as China Datang Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, CR Power, CPI corporation, China Huadian Corporation, Guangdong Yuedian Group, SinoPec, CNPC and etc. We are one of the typical environmental technology that owns the ultra low emission technology and have successfully operated the project of ultra low emission in Taiyuan Second Heating, Datang Matou Power Plant, Sanmenxia Huayang Power Plant.

To meet the stricter emission requirement, Kaitian independently developed the fume ultra low emission treatment technology, which includs the core technology of high efficiency deep desulfurazation, single tower and tower zone high efficiency desulfurization, double tower and binary circulating desulfurzation, WESP, low temperature electric dedust, desulfurization and dedust integration, deep desulfurization,low NOx combustion, SNCR, SCR, electric dedust, cloth bag type dedust, electric-cloth bag integrated dedust,burning plastic plate, MGGH, forms a completed boiler furnace fume ultra low emission and dedust, denitrification and desulfurization technology system with Kaitian’s own intellectual property right.