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Name:Factory environment …
Factory environment management division of the predecessor changsha environmental protection technology co., LTD., kaitian began in 98 is engaged in the welding smoke cutting smoke dust of polishing treatment, and is the largest domestic industrial workshop environmental governance within the company.
actory environment management division is a collection of environmental protection product research and development, design, manufacture, installation, service in the integration of high-tech environmental protection enterprises, environmental protection division located in kaitian industrial park (state-level economic and technological development zone in changsha) in Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu, jinan, shenyang and other large and medium-sized cities has sales offices.
Factory environment management division of the products are widely used in railway, automobile, engineering machinery, steel, metallurgy, electronics, shipbuilding, war industry, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, wood processing, ceramics, and other manufacturing industries within the industrial workshop of environmental governance. Including governance welding soot, cutting dust, dust, oil mist emulsion, organic/inorganic waste gas exhaust/toxic or harmful gases, etc.
Factory environment management department has overall constant temperature and humidity control and dust, organic waste comprehensive treatment with the combination of high-end system engineering technology, is currently the only can solve the key technology of domestic enterprises. Kaitian environmental protection with environmental pollution treatment facilities management, environmental engineering design qualification, mechanical and electrical installation qualification, environmental protection engineering contracting qualification options. Has a large engineering design and construction, engineering, installation and service ability, has a professional design, the construction team and 10 years of experience in engineering construction.
People-oriented, guarantee the excellent working environment and the health of labourers is the aim of the day, providing customers with professional solutions and the best service, to create a clean and beautiful environment is the goal we kay heaven!