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Cultivated Land Pollution in Our Country Protect Arable Land, Still HaveTo Do So
Time:2016-06-29    Read:1530 Time     Source: Source: China instrument network

with the progress of urbanization, industrialization in our country,Soil pollutionFrequent events, soil pollution situation is not optimistic in our country, especially the soil environmental quality, to protect arable land, is urgently needed.

On June 25, the nation's arable land, is"Article 10 of the soil"After the release of the first arable land, this year the national" arable land "is the theme of the economical and intensive land use, to protect arable land. People much less, cultivated land resources shortage is a land of our country national condition. Therefore, our country is put forward, to the strictest arable land protection system and economical use of land system, to protect arable land, like a giant panda protection.

The cultivated land pollutionThe status quo

Land pollution is refers to the land by mining industrial waste or the invasion of the agricultural chemicals, deterioration of soil physical and chemical properties of the original, make the land productive potential loss, cause a harm to human and environmental deterioration of product quality and the phenomenon and the process.Along with the rapid population growth, industry rapid development, solid wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, and industrial waste water storage and dumping to land surface, not only lead to the cultivated land quantity reduction, and cultivated land pollution, pollution degree increasing, the decrease of the quality of the cultivated land, and through the food, vegetables, and even affect human health, such as air, water, become China's cultivated land protection, ecological environment protection and public health.

In the past few decades, cultivated land protection in China from more serious, now turn to a good momentum, however, the production capacity of cultivated land decreased.

2015 China gazette of land and resources, according to data from the 2015 national for construction projects, disaster, ecological farmland, agricultural structure adjustment, the reduction of cultivated land area of 4.5 million mu, by controlling the land, agricultural structure adjustment and increase the area of 3.51 million mu of cultivated land, this year a net reduction of cultivated land area of 990000 mu.The ministry of land and resources, deputy director of land reclamation center Yun wen said, this area looks like a big, the equivalent of a large food production county area.But the number in the ninety s of the 20th century in the past time is a year cut 10 million mu.In the first decade of the 21st century, every year by around 5 million acres.From this perspective, 1 million mu, relatively substantially reduce the momentum has been curbed.

However, the cultivated land production capacity decreased.To the change of the national average cultivated land quality or production capacity, according to monitor changes in the past two years, the quality grades of cultivated lands is reduced, etc., 0.01 the production ability to reduce 1 kg per acre.

Farmland pollution damage

Cultivated land pollution is the primary factor of deterioration of the cultivated land quality, directly related to the quality of agricultural products, the relationship between human health and environmental safety.

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