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The state council decide to deploy ten measures to prevent air pollution
Time:2013-08-27    Read:1244 Time

According to Xinhua News Agency, on june 14, the state council premier Li Keqiang chaired a state councial executive meeting to deploy the ten measures for the control of air pollution.

Use hard measures to finish hard missions

The conference thinks, the air pollution control is not only a major livelihood issue, but also a key to economic upgrading. Chinas increasingly prominent regional complex atmospheric pollution problem is accumulated over a long period of time. It is a complicated work to governance the air pollution and it needs long-term arduous efforts. At present, we must be focused and multi-pronged approach, to combine the structure adjusting and optimizing together with the strengthening and innovation, using hard measures to complete the important task, finally ensure the effective prevention and control of the work, promote the improvement of peoples livelihood and foster new economic growth point. The meeting has confirmed ten preventing and control measures. Including law on the prevention and control of air pollution, strengthen management of densely populated areas and key cities of PM2.5 treatment, build environment regulation target responsibility appraisal system for the atmosphere of the provinces, take the heavy pollution weather into the local government emergency management and so on.

Ten measures for air pollution control

1, Reducing emissions. Comprehensive realignment of small coal-fired boilers, accelerate the reform of key industries desulfurization denitration dust removal. Improve the quality of fuel oil and eliminated the yellow Label Car.

2, Rein in high energy consumption and highly polluting industries, to complete the elimination mechanism of lagged output capacity in steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass and other key industries.

3, Promote the clean production, develop the public transportation, key industries main atmospheric pollutants emission intensity fell by more than 30% by the end of 2017.

4, To speed up the adjustment of energy structure, increase the supply of clean energy such as natural gas, coal seam methane.

5, Strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection index constraints, for those who does not pass the evaluation, eia projects, refuse to offer construction approval, land, loans, support or the support.

6, Introduce new mechanism of incentive and constraint and energy conservation and emissions reduction, increase the intensity of discharge levy, increase credit support for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution

7, Using laws and standards to "force" the industry transformation and upgrading, released the urban air quality ranking and increase the intensity of illegal punishment.

8, To establish zone defence mechanism, strengthen the management of densely populated areas and key cities PM2.5 treatment, build a atmosphere environment management target responsibility appraisal system.

9, Take the heavy pollution weather into the local government emergency management, take measures in time according to the pollution levels.

10, To carry out the enterprise main responsibility of the pollution treatment, the relevant departments of the state council to coordinate linkage, advocating saving, green consumption way and living habits, to mobilize the whole people to participate in an environmental protection and supervision.

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