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Step forward to the international first-class management center of urban ecological system
Time:2013-08-09    Read:1237 Time

State-level Changsha economic and technological development zone east 11 line and west road interchange jollification, flags fluttering, gongs, and more than a dozen large mining machinery "on call" not far, Kaitian environmental protection industrial park in this grand foundation stone laying. Shu-hong, deputy director of the National People,s Congress standing committee of hunan province, and the former vice minister of environmental protection, Zhu guangyao, director of Hunan HuanBaoTing Jiang Yimin, deputy director general of ministry of science and society development slurry sampling Tian Baoguo, Chinese academy of engineering Duan Ning, value of Changsha municipal party committee deputy secretary Zhang heng, Zhang Yinqiao, deputy director of the provincial department of hunan province development and reform commission, deputy director-general of the Luo Yajun, province letter Yang Xiaojin, provincial deputy commissioner of HuanBaoTing wang huilong was appointed deputy director of the committee, the provincial deputy director-general of the housing and construction department of Tang Daoming, provincial securities regulatory bureau deputy director Chen Guangming, provincial federation of industry and commerce vice-president Mr Leahy, director of the Changsha by the district management committee Li Keming and Hunan province, Changsha city, municipal (county), industrial park, environmental protection system, etc. Relevant departments of the leadership, the domestic famous experts, professor Kaitian global strategy for environmental protection.

Li Keming, director of the Changsha by the district management committee delivered a warm speech at the ceremony: "Kaitian with unique environmental protection, take the lead in investment this piece of land, this is the wisdom of the Kaitian is proud by the open area." Kaitian environmental protection Ye Mingjiang chairman said at the ceremony: Kaitian people dreams, the "one hundred enterprise, create world brand" has been developing as Kaitian  vision and pursuit, "creating international first-class urban ecosystem management center" is a firm goal, Kaitian nature has been the cornerstone to Kaitian and lay a solid foundation to achieve this goal. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of Changsha value. Zhang heng, provincial HuanBaoTing wang huilong was appointed deputy superintendent, has made important speech at the ceremony.

Deputy director of the National People,s Congress standing committee of Hunan province announced shu-hong kay foundation Kaitian  environmental protection industrial park. Chorus scene salute, decorated, the guests and leaders at all levels to wield shovels soil foundation, for Kaitian opened a new piece of environmental protection industry,s development.

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