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New breakthrough in waste gas treatment
Time:2013-08-09    Read:1233 Time

On September 2, on the fifth international green industry exposition, Kaitian environmental protection technology co., LTD and Shandong heng yu rubber tyre co., LTD successful sign mixer workshop and vulcanization workshop exhaust gas treatment project. The project is the company,s projects in the field of rubber tires for first order, marks Kaitian waste management has realized the new breakthrough. Project signing attaches great importance to by the people,s government of Shandong province, shandong HuanBaoTing xie feng, director of adenocarcinoma, deputy director of ge for inkstone, dongying city environmental protection bureau deputy director of the bi NaiDong attended the signing ceremony.

Environmental protection in recent years, Kaitian with Tsinghua university, Tongji university and other domestic well-known colleges and universities together to develop a number of effective waste treatment technology scheme, with glass fiber reinforced plastic acid mist purification tower, activated carbon adsorption purifier adsorption catalytic combustion, catalytic combustion purification plant, purification plant, combined ventilation purification air conditioning unit (with functions of exhaust gas treatment, in addition to odor) such as the core of the series with independent intellectual property rights.

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