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Whole workshop keeps leading domestic market
Time:2013-08-09    Read:1352 Time

Whole plant project is the company,s core business, have occupied most of the domestic market share. On 7 August morning, the office building 4th floor conference room warm atmosphere, passion float in the sky, JiLinLi source aluminum plant overall management project launching ceremony was held here, the high-level leadership Kaitian environmental protection at home and the project related personnel attended the ceremony.

In the Conference, Kaitian standing deputy general manager of Xu Yanan solemnly announced the project officially launched, and read the company appointed project team is mainly responsible for members of the list. Project director Shaw liyuan new four expounded in advance to complete the project of great significance, to read the source program every main process time nodes arrangement, and performed very well to early to the department for the reward.

In order to safety, high quality, efficient and timely completion JiLinLi source aluminum plant overall management operations of the project, the company operating center planning and organizing the launching ceremony.

Towards the end of the service, the project team leadership members led the delegates solemnly swear together: in order to meet customer demand, in order to give customers a pleasant surprise, to enhance the reputation of Kaitian. I swear: enforce the source project operation plan, ensure safety, high quality, timely complete the department share the task.

The project started, marks the Kaitian environmental overall business leading domestic industry factory comprehensive market, its technology has won the acceptance of the customers, Kaitian is  determined to have the confidence to do a good job in this market.

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