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Warm congratulate our company on bearing the provincial science and technology major projects through the provincial department of mid-term evaluation
Time:2013-08-01    Read:1455 Time

On March 28, department organization expert group carried out mid-term evaluation on the project "special indoor environmental purification key technology and equipment research and development and industrialization" . The project is jointly bared by Hunan industrial university , Changsha people health air purification technology co., LTD and Kaitian. The panel reviewed the related assessment material, listened to the special chief expert and unit of each for the implementation of the report, and has carried on the field visit to our company. After the answering questions in the project site, they agreed this project  through the mid-term evaluation.

This special project is designed for the core technology of this kind compound purification and lack of complete sets of products, cleaning and purification products which did not form large-scale production and lag, the condition of poor effect of engineering application of passenger train air conditioning and industrial overall building indoor environment pollution control. Project is bared by our company and Hunan industrial university and Changsha people health air purification technology co., LTD. The implementation of this project in the domestic, the lead in the development of passenger train air conditioning and a key technologies in the whole plant and the special environment air purifying  complete sets of equipment is of great significance for the prevention and control disease, improve people s livelihood, employment, and promote energy conservation and environmental protection strategic emerging industry development.

In the implementation of this project, our company together with enterprise joint with Hunan industrial university built the first domestic whole plant pollution control experiment center, built the first domestic industry whole plant pollution control pilot platform; developed the key technology of actual engineering model experiment and simulation results demonstrate on a variety of operating conditions, complex engineering conditions; developed compound pollutants purification technology for overall work shop with huge space; developed high definition video transmission technology which is applied to special environment under the condition; developed a high hardness, high temperature resistant sampling box composite materials, dc motor carbon brush and commutator materials technology. Special application or authorized patents a total of 63, among which, 5 are for applying patent for invention, 4 invention patents authorization; 6 samples and new products. Publishing 3 enterprise standards, industry standards and product application specification; Academic journal 13 papers published at home and abroad. The specific implementation over the past two years, we achieved a total new output value 256 million yuan, the new tax is 51.2 million yuan, which not only promote our technical developing standard but also drive Hunan strategic emerging industry from developing.

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