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Ideas determine future
Time:2013-08-01    Read:1324 Time

On January 4, 2012, Kaitian agents from all over the country gathered in country garden phoenix hotel, Changsha, Hunan to attend "2012 annual agent meeting"

During the meeting, the company President Mr Chen Guangshe delivered a warm greeting. Vice President Mr Liu hua in combination with the hotspot of PM2.5 and the "twelfth five-year" plan, based on Kaitian technology, marketing, brand and environmental services , explained Kaitians business development strategy and the development vision to all the agents, let agent friends see the potential in the environmental protection industry, feeling the Kaitian strength.

Then company vice President and chief marketing director Mr Zhou Boping made 2011 annual work summary report. Report with "thought shines future" as the theme, which guide the agents to sell our products, and stress the ideology of the agent ."Environmental protection product sales market analysis, the concept of environmental protection product sales agent, the characteristics of environmental protection product sales, especially our friends in need of thinking: thinking in place = =" so are plans, and then measures, force and effects, = = > and then you can truly into the environmental protection industry. Mr. Zhous more than 1 hour s speech let the agent know that environmental protection industry is the best development opportunities, and Kaitian strategic advantage, technology advantage and dominant position of whole determines make Kaitian the best choice for agent cooperation. Agents showed a great interest in Kaitians new denitration products and stench, sewage disposal technology, and had great confidence in 2012 sales.

Next, the company awarded the good environmental protection agents in 201 , excellent agents receive the MEDALS and prizes. Some dealer representatives said, they made fruitful work because of Kaitian and put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions.

In the afternoon, the companys technical experts for new products, focus on development planning and industry situation and outstanding engineering example to introduce the promotion, all the guests focused on listening and ask questions now and then , the experts also made a detailed answer one by one, to obtain the very good training effect.

ChairmanYe always have believed Kaitian’s achievement is inseparable with our agent, and he expressed heartfelt thanks to our agent of sincere cooperation to our persistent management team and to our hard working sales team.

At the end of the meeting, Kaitian held a grand environmental protection agents authorization ceremony, authorized by vice President liu hua.

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